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DESIGN GREEN CO. Construction Features
Design effects materials and how much waste is produced. By designing in material sizes full sheets of material are used and less waste is produced. Recycled materials can be purchased at reuse type material suppliers and using materials with high recycled material content makes for a better Green Built Project. Job site recycle programs can reduce waste making itself into landfills.
Improved vented roof design with radiant barrier systems keeps the
structure warmer in the winter and cooler in the summers. Our roof
designs can result in large savings in utility costs.
The use of more efficient framing methods helps reduce construction
costs. This produces less waste and uses natural resorces more wisely.
Design and use of these methods produces a highly improved building
envelope and greatly improves its energy efficiency.
Insulated foundations for conditioned space crawl spaces and basements. More energy efficiency under the home gives added
comfort in the home and lower utility expense.
Buy using our design services and your project being built with our
design features and innovations, the resulting structure will have HVAC systems downsized. The structure will have reduced construction costs with those
components and have 50-75% reduced heating and cooling costs for the
life of the structure.

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